Do you require onsite valve servicing in a remote location? Kings Energy has just the answer! 

Our fully equipped, state of the art onsite valve servicing unit is just what you need for shut down and/or turnaround servicing for your facility.  At Kings Energy, we pride ourselves in providing the best customer experience possible and in providing our valued clientele with the highest level of quality parts and service achievable. This remarkable unit is ABSA certified and houses top of the line, German engineered testing equipment, an overhead hoist, and all other tooling necessary to get the job done right the first time.    
King’s qualified and technically trained staff have the capability to inspect, test, overhaul, and recertify your valves right there onsite, at your facility! Not only can Kings provide the convenience you desire, we can also provide the pace you require.  With the ability to test, repair, and certify between 25-45 valves per day (at our current output), Kings will keep you on target with your time constraints. With potential 24/7 servicing in our future, Kings Energy Services is the right choice for your onsite valve servicing needs! 
Call us at 1-866-660-KING to schedule your onsite service today!